sábado, 22 de abril de 2006

From Lisbon to the World

Last week I had some good friends from Denmark visiting me. It wasn’t the first time they had been here and it was, as usual, a wonderful experience.It is not a new feeling but it is a beautiful one. Being part of a multicultural and multicoloured world.

Since I was about 14 I realized the world wasn’t just Portugal and the others. Or just white, or black, or yellow people. It was made of a multiplication of different combinations. Wonderful combinations.

I have travel a bit, and I have met people from all over. And I must confess it is that variety that brings colour and happiness to my life. I am not a Portuguese, I am a worlduese. Part of this little circle where we all live and that we share, closer and closer together.

Having a Danish friend meeting a Chinese Swedish in a computer shop. Meeting a blond blue eyed African or some other amazingly interesting mixture.

And in that profound sense Lisbon is part of that small world, we Portuguese, sailors and discovers of the world. Home to some many and starting journey for such a large amount of people. I love Lisbon, I love the mystery of having such big differences and such similarities.

It is a mixture of beauty and poverty, of colossus buildings and little nothings. Of educated people, and of simple smiles.

Down some deep mysterious feelings I feel I belong here, my epicentre of the world.

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